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Construction Type
Timik Developments specialises in building both brick veneer homes and colorbond clad homes, with a Colorbond roof. We are also happy to consider other construction methods such as rendered blueboard or hebel. Wall frames are fabricated using steel, while roof trusses will be either timber or steel.
You are welcome to provide your own design and engineering or you can do the following:
• Choose one of our standard designs and modify if required
• Bring your ideas to us and we can have one of our designers, prepare a design to your requirements
Preliminary Works
If you decide to build a home or investment property with us, you will be required to sign a preliminary works agreement (unless you provide us with the full architectural and engineering design). On signing this agreement the following items will be completed:
• Contour Survey
• Geotechnical Report
• Architectural Plans including energy efficient and Landcorp Approval (if required)
• Engineering
House Cost
We will provide you with a budget estimate for the construction of your house based on either one of our standard designs that you select or your own preliminary design.
You will be provided with a Lump Sum Quotation following completion of both architectural and engineering drawings. Lump Sum is defined as a total or fixed price for the work specified in the contract documents (including drawings).
A deposit of 6.5% of the contract value is payable following the signing of the contract and receipt of the Home Indemnity Insurance Policy. Orders to our suppliers and subcontractors will be placed when your deposit is received. Work on your house will start when we have received your deposit and the building licence.
You will be required to sign a building contract, this contract is a standard contract provide by the Housing Industry Association (HIA).
Products And Colour Selections
Your house can be fitted out with our standard product range or you can make selections of your own. If you make a change to a selection after the contract has been signed, a variation will be required to adjust the price accordingly. Colour selection is entirely up to you, however pricing is based on the “Standard Colour Ranges” provided to each client.


Registered Builder
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Tim Fleischer: 0448 160 428
Kim Janney: 0419 397 109
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